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A second note.  Only the XMP tags are hierarchical.  If your using IPTC tags you'll have to add all of the tags as you mention below.

> Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 11:47:53 -0400
> From: dkerber at miner.mst.edu
> To: digikam-users at kde.org
> Subject: [Digikam-users] Hierarchical tags
> Running digiKam 1.1.0 on KDE for Windows 4.4.00, on Windows XP SP3.
> I've been working no cataloging my 2000 or so images from my camera, and 
> am coming across something that's a bit confusing: 
> I have hierarchical tags, in this case a top-level tag Birds, and 
> several sub-tags for different species, such as Cardinal, Chickadee, 
> Woodpecker, etc.  I would have thought that if I assign a tag from a 
> lower level (Cardinal, for example), that it would also find it under 
> the upper level when I do a search, but that doesn't seem to be 
> happening.  For example, if I assign just the tag "Cardinal" to an 
> image, I would have though that a search for a "Birds" tag would also 
> find the Cardinal image, but it doesn't seem to be doing so.  It appears 
> that I have to assign both the parent and the child tags for it to be 
> found in a search for the parent tag.
> Is there an option I can change to get the search to work this way, or 
> is that just the way  it's written right now?
> Thanks!
> D
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