[Digikam-users] How to export to a remote computer?

Johannes Wienke languitar at semipol.de
Sun Apr 25 18:51:29 BST 2010

Am 25.04.2010 16:43 schrieb Gary J. Toth:
> I've tried and tried to use the "Export to a Remote Computer" option in
> the KIPI plugins.  I have the kio-slave running.  But, nothing I put in
> the blocks (ftp, sftp, etc.) works.  What information is it looking for
> aside from the obvious sftp://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com? 

You normally can use every path that kio supports. Does eg.
/home/YOURUSER/Desktop work?

If not, please enable debug output for kio and kipiplugins in
kdedebugdialog, start digikam from a console, export a photo to a
location that doesn't work and send the debug messages here.


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