[Digikam-users] Feature request: Send to trash from "view"

Remco Viëtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Sat Apr 24 15:08:21 BST 2010

on Saturday 24 April 2010, sean darcy wrote: 
> When you View an album, you can right-click and bring up a menu to 
> adjust the picture, or move it to trash, etc. But when you click on a 
> photo and go to the larger "View" (that is the 2 previews on top, larger 
> on the bottom) you lose this menu. So if you want to look more closely 
> at the pics and trash the bad ones, you have to go back to View album 
> each time.

Using DigiKam 1.2.0 under KDE 4.4.2 (OpenSuSE 11.2), I have the right-click 
context menu both in album view and in the larger view. So this feature seems 
to be present already.

Also, I can use the <Del> key to move an unwanted image to trash


Remco Viëtor

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