[Digikam-users] Lost tags and album thumbnails

Andreas Weigl kde at silicoids-world.de
Thu Apr 22 07:07:01 BST 2010

Am Wednesday, 21. April 2010 schrieb Rei Shinozuka:
> The NAS exports NFS and it's mounted as a filesystem on my computer.
> /nfs-raid01/data.  I set it up that way before there was "Collections on
> Network Shares" option.  I started using digikam in the pre 1.0 days and
> back then your albums were rooted at one directory, so I've never used
> any of the collection features.
> When the NAS was accidentally off in my incident, the /nfs-raid01/data
> mountpoint would have been empty and digikam showed no images (I don't
> remember it showing any errors either).  I hoped by shutting down
> digikam and then restoring the NAS, digikam would "remember" what
> "should" have been there and thus restore tags and album thumbnails, but
> i think it went ahead and just thought the data was all new (took hours
> rebuilding) and thus forgot about the tags and album thumbnails.  funny
> thing is that digikam4.db is huge, 120MB, also thumbnail-digikam.db is
> 869MB.
> In any case, ideally the software should tolerate the fact that data are
> sometimes temporarily unavailable and retain what appear to be "dead
> paths." I think only human intervention should actively inform the
> software that the files are permanently gone, as opposed to an
> intermittent outages such as a NAS off-line, network outage, or an
> unplugged USB drive.  itunes for example (which often confounds me for
> other reasons), does generally tolerate having the data unavailable and
> subsequently brought back on-line (as in network share or usb disk).
> i actually do happen have a recent backup with snapshot of the .digikam
> files, would it be as easy as restoring the old .db files and then
> restarting digikam?
> Thanks,
> -rei
> On 04/21/2010 02:49 AM, Andreas Weigl wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > Am Monday, 19. April 2010 schrieb Rei Shinozuka:
> >> I think the reason is because i started digikam while my NAS was
> >> inadvertently powered down and it popped up showing no albums.  I shut
> >> down digikam, started up the NAS and restarted digikam.  After a long
> >> time (it has almost 350GB of data , digikam came up with all the
> >> pictures, but the tags and album thumbnails were all gone.
> > 
> > what type of collection do you use? If you use iSCSI I would recommend to
> > use "Removable Media". If you are using NFS/CIFS I would recommend to
> > use "Network Shares".
> > In both cases Digikam should keep the data.
> > 
> > Andreas
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