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Errol Sapir errol at tzora.co.il
Tue Apr 20 09:01:12 BST 2010

Ah... so simple if you know :-[

Thanks for the reply

On 04/20/2010 10:34 AM, Andi Clemens wrote:
> There are two ways to crop in digiKam / showFoto:
> "Crop" and "AspectRatioCrop".
> "AspectRatioCrop" is a plugin and should always be available, "Crop" on the other hand is only activated when you draw a selection around the image part you want to crop. So you need to drag a selection in the image preview and "Crop" will be available.
> Andi
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>> Betreff: [Digikam-users] showfoto question
>> If this isn't the correct forum for this question, please point me to
>> the correct one.
>> In showfoto the one feature that is grayed out is "crop".
>> I can do "perspective adjustment" which is a kind of crop but the "crop"
>> possibility which would enable a freehand crop is unavailable. Any ideas
>> as to how to enable this feature would be appreciated. This feature has
>> always been unavailable for me no matter which version of Showfoto I've
>> had. At the moment I have upgraded to 1.2 but the problem was there in
>> previous versions.
>> TIA
>> Errol
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