[Digikam-users] Dumb question

Jim Dory james at dorydesign.com
Wed Apr 7 01:11:54 BST 2010

I got stung by my ignorance of trying to tag cr2 files when my database
crashed or otherwise lots my tags. So now I get around that by converting
all my cr2 files to DNG. I did not like that the Digikam dng converter
seemed to change or zero out the default cr2 image settings dealing with
tint, temperature, and a couple others, so I went with using Adobe's dng
converter. To do that, I run it from a windows xp VirtualBox vm install. I
have that anyway as I'm still stuck on using photoshop - haven't yet gotten
comfortable with gimp - so no problem and it retains all image settings -
can't tell the difference to my untrained eyes on cr2 versus dng files.

I then remove all cr2 files to a backup drive (using command line to make it
painless) so my Digikam albums only have the DNGs and whatever I edit them

So that may not work for others, but seems fine for my uses to get around
the tagging issue.


On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 3:51 PM, Adam <photos at papettys.com> wrote:

> How far off until there is at least a side car option?
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> > Looks like its
> > scheduled to happen in version .20
> Yes, currently exiv2 cannot write to
> > Canon RAW files. And for
> version 0.20 you will be waiting half a year or a
> > year or so (it is
> my opinion). Regards,
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