[Digikam-users] I want to put photos on a server and then see them and maintained by another computer

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Tue Apr 6 09:04:59 BST 2010

Info.RDPA schrieb:
> Hello, have just become a Linux user (UbuntuStudio 8.04) and my 
> passion is photography and graphics.
> I have an archive of approximately 230,000 photographs and I will 
> manage. Digikam I have identified as the best program to do this.
> After reading the FAQ on your site without finding a clear answer to 
> my problem, I ask myself the question directly:
> I want to put photos on a server (which will be backed up) and then 
> see them and maintained by another computer (mainly from my notebook). 
> Important is the aspect of being able to search the entire archive and 
> it can also manage the notebook even if not connected to the server 
> (ie offline).

You need a synchonization script which checks at every login if the
server is available. If so sync all data from server to client. At
logout time you have to do the other way around. This way you have an
actual copy on your server and your client. Problems will occur, if you
change the same foto offline and on the server.

Other possible way: Use a repository server like GIT or SVN. This way
you get a revision and history of changes as addon.


> This is possible with digikam? How? Which version?
> Thanks
> Redi
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