[Digikam-users] [metadata] Exiv2 0.18.1 and can't write metadata on TIFF/PNG files

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Mon May 11 14:19:43 CEST 2009

2009/5/11 Micha? Smoczyk <admin at nocnyrzepin.net>:
> Gilles Caulier wrote:
>> Problem is in libkexiv2 distributed with KDE4.2. Typically, i have
>> fixed that with KDE 4.2.2.
>> Gilles Caulier
>> 2009/5/11 Michal Smoczyk <admin at nocnyrzepin.net>:
>>> Hi,
>>> I *really* need a possibility to write metadata into my TIFF
>>> and PNG images. I've got about 4 000 photos in those loosless
>>> formats tagged in digiKam 0.9.5-7.1 and 0.10.0 databases (I use both
>>> versions of application, preparing to migrate only to 0.10.0).
>>> I use digiKam 0.10.0-3.14 regulary updated from fresh (I think
>>> so...) openSUSE KDE4 Factory repository and I've got _newest_ Exiv2
>>> 0.18.1 installed and I DO NOT HAVE A POSSIBILITY to write metadata
>>> in mentioned files. I don't know why. I can write metadanta using
>>> Exiv2 via command line, that is ok.
>>> Any ideas what is the solution? Maybe somebody has installed from
>>> such openSUSE packages and HAS a possibility to write metadata into
>>> TIFF/PNG files?
> Gilles, I am afraid that I don't get it -- I've got libkexiv2
> 4.2.3-92 (and KDE 4.2.3) library installed from openSUSE KDE4
> Factory repository (the same as digikam packages).
> Do you have some information if packages in KDE4 TRUNK repository
> will be better and fix that problem?

As i always work with trunk as developer, yes trunk is fixed.

I use PNG in my workflow...


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