[Digikam-users] Can't rotate pictures (thumbnails)

Tine Gybel tine at gybel.eu
Tue Mar 31 18:49:27 BST 2009

Linux and digikam is new to me so please have patience with me. I have 
installed kubuntu with kde and Digikam. I have most of my images on a 
NAS (network attached storage) and some on my local harddisk. I'm using 
fstab to mount the share on the NAS.
The problem I have is that I can't rotate the images (thumbnails)  on 
the NAS in Album view. If I open the image in the image editor I can 
rotate and save the image without problems. I have no problems with the 
images located on the harddisk. As far as I can see the permissions are 
the same on the NAS and the local folder.
If I use Gwenview I have no problem rotating the images on the NAS so I 
think the problem must lie in Digikam or the plugins.

Can anybody help ? Thanks
Best regards,

KDE 4.2.1
Digikam 0.10
Kipi plugins 0.2
fstab: // /media/nas cifs 
0 0

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