[Digikam-users] Feature requests

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 22:06:10 BST 2009

> 1. A trip planner. I often see photographs, perhaps a tv show, or other
> source of information where I think, I would love to go and photograph
> there. At present I keep a ring binder file with this information in.
> What I would love to see is to have a facility inside digikam that would
> allow me to record this. Perhaps associate scans, links to google earth
> etc. When I then plan a trip I could look in digikam and see which areas
> I have marked for interest. Afterwards when I get back I could tie the
> photographs I have taken to the original trip info.

Make an album for each place.

> 2. Versions of the same photograph. I often produce multiple versions of
> a photograph for various reasons. I would like a way to track the photos
> back to their original. Perhaps back to a digital negative (raw) file.

There is an open feature request for this, check bugs.kde.org.

Dotan Cohen


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