[Digikam-users] Digikam and NAS don't like each other

Oliver Dörr oliver at doerr-privat.de
Wed Mar 25 06:08:55 GMT 2009

Hi Tim,

i'm not sure how you have formatted your NAS, but i think it is either 

VFAT does not support any sort of links. NTFS do, but this function is 
very deep hidden in the filesystem and not available via command line 
(as far as i know). So even if your NAS support this, you need 
additional support by through cifs, if you plan this.

I'm not sure if there is one...

So this is an explanation for what you see. Sadly i don't know a 
work-around for that at the moment.

Any other ?


Tim schrieb:
> I am trying to move my digikam album over to a nas drive. The nas is monuted via 
> fstab with the line
> // /media/openshare cifs guest,uid=1000,gid=100,rw,noauto 
> 0 0
> Now I know there is a bug in digikam where it can not set the lock file in 
> sqllite
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-bugs-dist&m=117536777106366&w=2
> Now I have tried the work around but I am unable to make the symlink as 
> instructed and I am lead to believe that this is because I can't make a symlink 
> to a cifs file system??
> Is there any other alternative way to get digikam albums to run from my nas??
> I am using digikam .0.9.5 beta3
> Tim 
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