[Digikam-users] Problems printing from Digikam in xubuntu

Chris G cl at isbd.net
Tue Mar 24 08:13:24 GMT 2009

I use digikam version 0.9.5 on an xubuntu 8.10 system.  It works well
except for on thing, printing is a total disaster.  Most times that I
try and print anything from digikam it simply ends up with a job stuck
in the print job queue doing nothing and marked as "KDE Printing System".

The printers work fine otherwise.  To print from Digikam what I
generally do now is to save the image cropped/manipulated as required
and then use Showfoto to open it and print it.  It seems that it's
just digikam/KDE that disagrees with my CUPS print system.

Can anyone suggest a way around this problem?  I realise it may be
more to do with KDE than Digikam but I don't really know where to look
at the moment.

Chris Green

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