[Digikam-users] Failed to copy old database file

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Thu Mar 19 17:42:29 GMT 2009

> I upgraded to Fedora 10, which has digikam 0.10.0, release 0.16.rc1.fc10.
> I tried to look at my pictures, which were assembled using an older
> version of digikam under Fedora 9, and and got this error message:
> > The schema updating process from version 4 to 5 failed, caused by an

> > error that we did not expect. 

That's your problem, noone ran into this before ;-) At least not that I know 

> > You can try to discard your old database
> > and start with an empty one. (In this case, please move the database
> > files "digikam3.db" and "digikam4.db" from the directory ".").
> > More probably you will want to
> > report this error to the digikam-devel at kde.org mailing list. As well,
> > please have a look at what digiKam prints on the console.
> digikam did not print anything on the console.

I guess that's because debug messages are switched off. They would be useful 
though. Try if you can switch on 50003 with kdebugdialog. Not sure if they are 
removed on compile time though.

> The pictures and the old digikam3.db file are on my local hard drive.
> I have write access to the directory where they live (an empty
> digikam4.db file was produced).

Please check the digikamrc file digikam is accessing. There should be an Album 
Path entry. And it should be the same file you used with digikam 0.9 before - 
or did you enter the location in the dialog appearing on first run?

> I am running Gnome, not KDE, but this has never been a problem before.
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