[Digikam-users] Problems with database, missing images

Jaime Suarez jaime.suma at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 19:20:49 GMT 2009


I am having some problems with digikam, probably related with database.

When I run the program it says "this and that file are not in the disk so I
have to delete them..." this is not new BUT every time you run the program
you get the exact same message, it seems that digikam is not able to delete
them from the database. If I manually copy a file with that name to the
directory digikam stops complaining but doesn't show the photo.

Another problem is that I can't add new images to albums, the program
imports them (and you can see they are there with a file manager) but I
can't see them. Also some recent images were "lost" for the program.

After reading a message in this list I tried sqlitebrowser with digikam.db,
I can't see anything wrong there except that if Itry to compact the database
the program says "Error: could not compact the database file.Message from
database engine: constraint failed"

Is there any way I can repair this (not knowing much about databases)?

Thank you in advance.
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