[Digikam-users] No images displayed

John Mark johnmark at johnmark.org
Sun Jul 26 18:35:42 BST 2009

Jim MacLeod <catcott at ...> writes:

> Using digikam 0.1.0 on KDE4.3 RC3 Kubuntu.
> Images display in Dolphin, Okular, Showfoto & Gwenview but nothing in 
> digiKam. I've deleted and rebuilt the database, refreshed & synchronised 
> but without success. If I download from a camera then the images are 
> displayed in the download screen but never show in the selected download 
> folder/screen though they are copied across (ie if I try to repeat the 
> download I get 'file exists' message).
> Folder tree displays correctly

I get the exact same error - Kubuntu on Jaunty, digikam 0.10, KDE 4.2.98, and
kipi-plugins 0.2.0-1

I kin haz halp plz???

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