[Digikam-users] Digikam file management

stefan at binaervarianz.de stefan at binaervarianz.de
Thu Jul 30 07:48:01 BST 2009

Thank you for you answers. Sounds very, very promissing to me. I will  
give it a try. I was very disappointed with even the expensive tools  
like lightroom and aperture, let alone iPhoto.

They tend to either sort my images into cryptic databases not  
accessible from other tools, or just leave them where they are without  
imposing some ordering or naming scheme.

The 'use symlinks for space efficency' question should have been  
marked as 'bonus' too. I know that it would be a major task to  
implement. They are not portable if you use the filesystem ones and  
very difficult to use if implemented entirely in digikam.

As for the 'just use tags' answer: they are just no good if you use  
your photos outside of digikam. I for example use my pictures in  
OpenOffice, Keynote, Hugin, Gimp, Firefox and Safari, SketchUp, Mail,  
iMovie and JOSM (probably forgetting a few). You can't possibly  
implement all that functionality in digikam (a.k.a. 'lets burn cds  
from inside digikam').

Just fooling around: A great way of building a bridge would be a small  
widget-like  application just as a browser into the digikam database  
(with tags and such) which would allow drag-and-drop like from a  
filesystem browser into external programms. (Don't take that too  
seriously. It's not a feature request or anything.)

Nobody has build a ready to use MacOSX package for beta3 yet, right?  
So lets start doing it the long way then ...

thx again,


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