[Digikam-users] Digikam file management

stefan at binaervarianz.de stefan at binaervarianz.de
Wed Jul 29 16:36:44 BST 2009


I'm a not-yet digikam user. There are some things about digikam which  
I just can't get from the websites feature list. As building on OSX is  
a bit time consuming, I'd like to ask about them here first.

As I tend to use my photos in other applications too, I need to have  
them neatly organised on the filesystem. All tags, categories and  
albums are nice features inside digicam, but how does this translate  
to the 'outside'?

Does a move/copy inside digicam reflect on the filesystem?
Does a (auto-)rename reflect on the filesystem?
Can I copy the EXIF dates onto the file dates?
Does Digikam keep track of multiple copys of the same file and does it  
use symlinks to reduce disk space?
Can Digikam handle photos on external media? Like with still  
displaying a thumbnail and info, but asking for the hdd/dvd/cd for the  
actual image file?

Bonus: Can it save Albums created by e.g. tag search as file system folders?

None of the big commercial tools does all that. What about digikam?
Looks quite good otherwise!

Thank for your answers.


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