[Digikam-users] digiKam digest - 2009-07-26

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Mon Jul 27 23:54:15 BST 2009

Another exciting week for digiKam users. One of most desired features was 
introduced: "Sort images by date - even when spanning albums" and beginning of 
work on independent database back-end. Also in this week digiKam 1.0-beta3 and 
KIPI-plugins 0.5 were released.

Sort images by date/name/size/etc even when spanning albums.

- Beginning of work on database agnostic backend, by default it will be MySQL 
embedded (known for Amarok users) but in future it should be possible to run 
digiKam data by any SQL database. Feature is developed in separate SVN branch.
- Great fixing of Advanced Slideshow KIPI-plugin continues. Among new things 
are playlist (both for music and images) editor, memory leaks fixed, better 
scaling, and many smaller bugs fixed.
- User defined templates for KIPI print plugin 
- Flickr export, Advanced Slideshow are now pure Qt4/KDE4
- Support both syncing directions in BatchSyncMetadata tool

Screenshots, NEWS reports, selected commits here:



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