[Digikam-users] Two minor workflow suggestions

Anders Troberg anders.troberg at tekis.se
Mon Jul 27 09:19:49 BST 2009

1. There is one minor issue, where DigiKam functions perfectly
logically, but yet somewhat unintuitively. That's in the dialog when you
want to transfer photos from the camera, and it selects the dir
currently selected in the main window as default. Usually, you want the
photos in a new dir under the base dir, even if you usually have a dir
selected in the main window. What happens is that I usually forget to
click the top dir, and create a new dir under the dir selected in the
main window. The solution would be to always use the base dir as

This may sound like a trivial matter with an easy workaround, and it
probably is. However, it's easy to forget to change dir when you are
focused on what you want to do. If even I, a programmer, forgets it more
often than not, it's probably a common mistake for users to make.

2. When transfering photos from the camera, it often contains photos
snapped on different dates. It would be nice to have an option to "Ask
for a new directory for each date". Thus, I can still transfer all
photos in one go, and still have them nicely sorted by date.

Once again, a trivial matter with an easy workaround, but it would
provide a more streamlined workflow.

Transferring photos is one of the most time consuming tasks, and is a
task where user errors can cause photos to be "lost" by placing them in
unexpected dirs. I think this minor changes would make it more efficient
and safe, especially for non-technical people.

/Anders Troberg
anders.troberg at tekis.se

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