[Digikam-users] raw Nik D5000; dcraw fixed, but digikam shows pink stripe

sean darcy seandarcy2 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 19:13:51 BST 2009

I've uploaded a .nef file from my new Nikon D5000:


converting it with dcraw 8.95 gave a pink stripe on the right. But David 
Coffin (as hard-working as the digikam devs!) sent my a fix overnight:

Hi Sean,

     Use this patch, which will appear in v8.96:

--- dcraw.c     2009/06/19 21:38:38     1.425
+++ dcraw.c     2009/06/25 14:34:41
@@ -7059,6 +7059,8 @@
             !strcmp(model,"D700")) {
     width -= 4;
     left_margin = 2;
+  } else if (!strcmp(model,"D5000")) {
+    width -= 42;
   } else if (!strncmp(model,"D40",3) ||
             !strncmp(model,"D50",3) ||
             !strncmp(model,"D70",3)) {

                                Dave Coffin  7/18/2009

which worked. That is, if I convert the raw file:

dcraw dsc_0047.nef and then open dsc_0047.ppm in digikam, no pink stripe.

With the new dcraw installed, I rebuilt /usr/lib64/libkdcraw.so.7.0.0, 
/usr/lib64/libkdcraw.so.7 and /usr/lib64/libkdcraw.so. Then I rebuilt 
digikam and kipi-plugins.

But in digikam, I still see the pink stripe when I edit the .nef file.


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