[Digikam-users] where do my tags go?

Tim Jenness tim.jenness at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 18:10:59 BST 2009

> > and I write the tags to my data files. With v0.9 I got tags of
> > person/family/a etc but now the EXIF header only reports "tim" (and in
> the
> > above example it would not distinguish "person/friend/tim" from
> > "person/family/tim"). Looking around on the mailing list I see mention
> that
> > digikam now uses a private "digiKam" XMP namespace for writing the true
> > hierarchical tag and writes flat tags to the IPTC section. That's fine as
> > well but I'd feel happier about it if
> >
> >  1. exiftool reported that it could find the digiKam namespace (or exiv2
> > could). Can someone tell me how?
> >  2. digikam itself reported the values when using the metadata tab. It
> > reports the IPTC information that was written to the file such as
> copyright
> > and the flattened tags, but the XMP section is blank.
> digiKam supports XMP starting from 0.10.0 . That means that any XMP info
> will
> be added only for photos which were tagged in 0.10.0 (or later).

Exactly. I'm using 0.10.0 and I use settings to make it synchronise tags to
files. But whatever I do I can't get a file to report the digiKam XMP
namespace, not even digiKam itself in the XMP tag.

> You could
> also choose tool "Synchronise all images with database". But in your
> situation
> I don't advise it - data written to images will be this improperly
> imported.

I feel kind of deflated with that statement. To say that I am no longer
allowed to write tags to old files that were previously tagged in 0.9.x is
to say that those files are now static and not allowed to change just
because I installed better software. That seems wrong.

> > given the ambiguity in my example above) [although I imagine that
> > populating the LR XMP namespace would be more appropriate for Lightroom
> > users]
> Recent SVN versions are supporting LR XMP namespace.

For export as well as import?

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