[Digikam-users] kde4 upgrade issues

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Mon Jan 26 21:07:19 GMT 2009

> > Hmm, after restarting digikam it somehow does seem to work now... But I
> > guess the upgrade procedure might be a little rough on unsuspecting
> > users...
> I can confirm this. It's easy to reproduce. Quit digikam4, remove the
> database-file, start digikam4. It indexes the pictures but does nto show
> them. If you restart it again, it works.

Gilles, can you reproduce this? I cannot.

Sven, when this happens for you, what is your kioslave output on the console
(lines starting with kio_digikam... usually found in ~/.xsession-errors)?

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