[Digikam-users] kde4 upgrade issues

Simon Oosthoek s.oosthoek at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 26 19:38:29 GMT 2009

Hi all

I've just upgraded my PC and decided to upgrade to 64bit kubuntu and of
course, digikam 0.10 (from svn).

After the usual annoyances with pre-installed exiv2 packages I managed
to compile it due to the detailed wiki instructions, however I still
have problems running digikam...

I had a very large database in digikam 0.9.5 and when starting 0.10, I
get lots of errors like:
Error: Directory SubImage1 with 29280 entries considered invalid; not read.

And then the final situation in digikam is that it shows all
directories, but no image files at all.

Another problem, though not directly related to digikam is that in order
to compile digikam, I need to uninstall gwenview and exiv2 (0.17) of the
distribution packages and recompile gwenview from sources/svn, because
I'm using a custom exiv2 lib.

Any suggestions (esp, for the first problem!)



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