[Digikam-users] Digikam 0.9.4 - Raw decoding

Ludovic Gris ludovic.gris at tele2.fr
Sun Jan 4 14:49:06 GMT 2009

Hello all,
I use raw decoding for a few months with default parameters but I try to use  
16 bit color depth without result.
When digikam raw setup is configured as 8 bit color depth, I can open and 
modify my raw images issued from my camera (pentax pef raw file or dng file) 
without any problem. When raw setup is in 16 bit mode, the image appears with 
a lot of grey points and a few colorized points (image is not usable).
I was not able to find information with digikam documentation and also with 

The test I have performed are the following:
- with and without color management activated (and also with different icc 
- with pef file and dng file
- by 'Tools/Raw image converter', I obtain an 8-bit color depth file (png) 
whatever the color depth setting is.
- by 'Image/modify' function (F4), I obtain the grey image described above
- by "dcraw -o 0 -4 -T", I obtain a tiff image of 16 bit depth color from the 
pef file (the image is dark but it's OK according to digikam documentation).

For information, I used digikam with official package from fedora 8, libraw 
version is 0.6.1-release

Is there something I missed in the documentation or am I testing something not 
yet implemented ? 
Thanks in advance for your help.
P.S : please excuse my poor english.

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