[Digikam-users] yatc: libkexiv2 0.1.7

Simon Oosthoek s.oosthoek at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 3 17:58:58 GMT 2009

Mikolaj Machowski wrote:
> Dnia Saturday 03 January 2009, Simon Oosthoek napisaƂ:
>> To me, it's pretty rare that packages don't compile after running
>> configure like this. So I guess there's a bug somewhere...
>> I hope someone can give me a hint to look further into this problem!
> For me it looks like there is still some conflict between versions. Hmm.
> Are you recompiling from old directory? Try to remove kexiv2 dir, unpack
> sources and compile completely from scratch. Maybe some files are in
> cache?

I removed the libkexiv2 source dir and unpacked again, ./configure &&
make; same problem!

I'm not too familiar with the internals of the configure script, but
perhaps I can distil some meaning from the config.log...

> configure:33633: result: yes
> configure:33710: checking for exiv2 >= 0.12

shouldn't this be 0.18 or later if it requires the new API?

> configure:33714: result: yes
> configure:33718: checking EXIV2_CFLAGS
> configure:33721: result: -I/usr/local/include
> configure:33724: checking EXIV2_LIBS
> configure:33727: result: -L/usr/local/lib -lexiv2
> configure:33908: creating ./config.status

This bit does find the correct version of libexiv2, which I just
installed from the sources...

I don't see any other mentionings of libexiv2 in the config.log.

Am I the only one having this trouble when compiling for kde3 on kubuntu



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