[Digikam-users] Several Questions

Thomas Guettler guettli at thomas-guettler.de
Mon Feb 23 21:00:09 GMT 2009


I have about 16,000 photos in the directory structure YYYY/MM/DD/.
I use digikam 0.9.3

1. Starting digikam takes too long. Will the check for new or missing
images be done in the background in newer versions?

2. It would be very nice if you could tag directories like files and
with the same (nested) catalog of keywords. Example: 2009/02/01 contains
pictures of skiing with friend FOO. A tag on the directory means
FOO was there. A tag on the one image means FOO can be seen on the
picture. I am lazy and would tag only directories in the first run.

3. digikam seems to always create 256x256 thumbnails, even if you
display the previews smaller then 128. My old application used 128x128
and I discovered, that these thumbnails were not loaded, but new ones
got created. Is this intended?

4. How do you tag a lot of pictures? I can type with ten fingers, and
want to avoid to use the mouse. Is auto completion possible?
Example: Tag "Familiy/Till" with auto completion I only want to type
"till" or even only "til" (if this is unique) and the tag "Familiy/Till"
should be set.

5. Which database based web galeries are supported? If I had more time,
I would write a django web front end.

6. I run ubuntu LTS what do you need to do to get a more recent digikam


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