[Digikam-users] Building a better raw conversion tool for digiKam ?

Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Wed Dec 23 23:54:48 GMT 2009

Le Wed, 23 Dec 2009 21:54:53 +0100, Mark Greenwood  
<fatgerman at ntlworld.com> a écrit:

> ........
> As an example, let me describe how it works with my Nikon. If I use  
> Nikon CaptureNX I can pump RAW files through it with a preset of, say,  
> "Vivid" and it will pump out JPEGs that look great. But I can get  
> *Identical* results by shooting in JPEG with the camera settings set to  
> "Vivid". So why bother with RAW at all? To my mind the whole point of  
> RAW is that I want to adjust each picture individually. If you want to  
> apply the same settings to every picture, shoot JPEG and let the camera  
> do it.

Personnaly, I don't have to manage a lot of RAW file to produce JPEG (or  
TIFF). I use Digikam to manage all my photos (tag, organize, etc...), and  
treat only some selected files with CaptureNX.
I'm not agree to say that starting with a near JPEG shooted decoded RAW is  
a useless thing.
I use too CaptureNX2, and I don't use it to just get the same thing than I  
can get in shooting in JPEG.

the first thing is RAW offer Burning-up and underexposure correction  
possibility. With JPEG, a burned zone stay burned... RAW permit to get  
things from zero, but why, if I set intentionally my camera it will be not  
valuable to start with what I want to get ?

The most often, my use of CaptureNX consist in what follows :

Correct, if needed, exposure (sometimes) and whiteBalance (rarely)
Correct, if any, burned-up and underexposed zones (CaptureNX2 have a great  
and easy tool for that)

and now, begin the treatment like local contrast (u-point), BW conversion,  
glowing effect, blur etc...

And I appreciate to don't have to find initial set each time.

After, on some forum I meet some people who don't mind about camera shoot  
parameters because they can set after with RAW... it's not my way of  
taking photos.

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