[Digikam-users] export filter and file name/position normalization

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Dec 19 09:48:52 GMT 2009

Hello :-)

Is there soewhere a tutorial about how to make an export filter?

I use now piwigo and would like to make an export filter for it. I use
now a simple sh script that works, so it should be quite easy.

however I wonder if there is some sort of tree normalisation and photo
naming available.

I notice export to html uses the same path for full image and
thumbnail, but keep the original image name, while adding some to it,
export as flash uses simpleviewer and rename all the photos with
numbers as filenames.

piwigo (ex phpwebgallery, one of the better gallery available) uses
reduced size files on the main folder and subfolders with full images
(piwi_high) and an other for thumbnails (thumnail).

All this makes it very difficult to sync various (all opensource) systems

is there any normalization project?

If there is none, as Linux Documentation project coordinator I could
at least try to write a HOWTO recalling all the present systems in aim
of some sort of exchange filters

what do you think?



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