[Digikam-users] openSUSE digikam repo

Sven Burmeister sven.burmeister at gmx.net
Thu Dec 17 09:57:28 GMT 2009

Am Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009 17:40:56 schrieb Brano:
> Is there an openSUSE 11.2 repo that would have lates 1.0rc candidate?
> I'm subscribed to KDE:Backports and that only has digikam-0.10.0-13.7.i586

Backports only holds released versions, i.e. 1.0 will be in there after it was 
released. I would recommend to wait some days until digikam 1.0 will be 
released on the 20th.

If you really want it you can get it from 
http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/43/openSUSE_11.2/ though which 
is a lot safer than using the Factory or UNSTABLE repos. However the KDE43 
repo will vanish soon since STABLE contains KDE 4.3.4 as well.

You could also include the STABLE repos which hold the packages that will be 
released as official online update soon.



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