[Digikam-users] is there anyway......Writing tags to Raw

Adam photos at papettys.com
Tue Dec 15 17:06:50 GMT 2009

Using RC(?), the latest one, I think

Right now I am chugging along my seemingly endless picture folders, tagging and deleting the garbage and whatnot. Most of the pictures I took this year are raw. I tested the write exif data to raw option. It says experimental and that could be why it did not work for me. My questions are

1. The "writing to raw" feature, is that supposed to write to the XMP or IPTC for the tag informaiton (the tags did not show up in either one for me)
2. Does the "writing to raw" work on canon cr2 files.
3a. While playing around, I found a way to export the data from 1 image, is there a way to do it in batches. 
3b. Are sidecar files anywhere in the future

I am only concerned with all the tag work I have been doing on my raw images, if the DB goes belly up, I dont want to do it all again. I backup my db quite often just in case.

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