[Digikam-users] digiKam and the Canon EOS 1D Mark III

Stephen Chisholm chisholm at cs.dal.ca
Tue Dec 1 18:33:01 GMT 2009


I'm trying to get a Canon EOS 1D Mark III to work with digiKam.  So
far if I let digiKam automatically detect the camera it is able to
pull the JPEG files off the camera and everything works nicely (Its
just detected as a generic USB PTP camera though).  I would like to
get RAW support working though.  I've tried to add the camera manually
however when I do this digiKam for some reason is unable to
communicate with the camera.  I'd love some help.  I'm using Gentoo
and digiKam version 0.10.0.

Thanks, Steve

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