[Digikam-users] RAW conversion - control of exposure compensation in RAW decoding

Iain iainmalcolm1 at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 24 12:50:48 BST 2009

I'm new to Digikam, and have been mostly impressed by it, but I do have problems
with RAW conversion, exemplified today when I photographed a black cat in the

I think the black cat mislead the auto exposure setting (Canon 350D with 400mm
F5.6 lens - so the cat filled the frame).

When I brought in the RAW image, all the highlights were blown red - looks like
someone threw red hair dye over the background :)

The embedded jpeg didn't show this problem, and if I use UFRAW and set the EV
compensation to -2.2 I get a cracking picture without red dye syndrome.

There doesn't seem to be be any control over the compensation used in image
editor under digikam - it seems to have a built in value that I can't change.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Running under Ubunty Jaunty and using Digikam 1.0.0 beta3 and KDE4.2.2

(The version of Digikam in the ubuntu repositories is 0.1.0 (or was it 0.10.0 -
pretty ancient anyway - and I wanted the capability to import and export
hierachic tags embedded in images...)

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