[Digikam-users] Help starting with digikam

Vlado Plaga rechner at vlado-do.de
Wed Aug 26 17:00:45 BST 2009

Am Wed, 26 Aug 2009 11:25:15 -0400
schrieb Brano <branob at gmail.com>:

> Thanks. Looks like Tags will do it for me.
> Quick question, where are tags stored? I understand they must
> somewhere in DB, but are tags also stored directly in picture file?
> EXIF|IPTC|XMP? _______________________________________________

Quick answer: digiKam's reasonable default behaviour is not to modify
pictures in any way, if I'm not mistaken. But it is possible to also
(in addition to the database) store tags and star ratings in the
pictures' meta data: go to "preferences / meta data". It seems like
digiKam can then completely restore its database by collecting metadata
from the pictures, which is especially useful if you transfer some or
all of your pictures to a different system.

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