[Digikam-users] metadata template applying bug - please check

Michał Smoczyk admin at nocnyrzepin.net
Sat Aug 22 14:36:06 BST 2009

Milan Knížek wrote:

> BTW, how do you use the templates in real life? The template sets many
> tags, some of which change with each image (e.g. Location, Subject).
> Also, even that the template does not have some fields populated, the
> empty tags are created in the image and possibly overwrite the existing
> information (!). I would think that a template is usefull for metadata,
> which do not change much and are shared by many pictures (such as
> Credit, Copyright, etc.).

Yes, I agree, in present form metadata templates are useful only if
you want to set copyright-like metadata, and NOT have location and
subject-like metadata set (will be overwritten). Boolean flags in
templates will resolve this problem, but unfortunately we have to
wait for 1.0.0.

In my workflow, I don't use metadata templates in digiKam, after
recognizing this behavior I am aware of this. My usually steps with
JPEGs are (with RAW I'm shooting in some important situations this
is more complicated due *exiv2* doesn't write support for Canon RAW
CR2 I shot):

1) geotagging images using GeoTag, syncing from GPX file
2) reverse geocoding with GeoTag (in this step IPTC location tags
are written)
3) finally setting tags, keywords, captions etc. in digiKam


/\/\ichau, admin [malpka] nocnyrzepin [kropa] net

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