[Digikam-users] Minor bug deleting photos on EOS 350D

Anders Troberg anders.troberg at tekis.se
Tue Aug 11 07:29:56 BST 2009

I've noticed a small bug when deleting photos on my Canon EOS 350D.
Every few files, it stops and tells me that it could not delete the
file. However, when I OK the messages and eventually check, all the
files were deleted as they should be. 

Now, as it works as intended, it's just a minor bug, but it becomes
somewhat annoying when you have to click OK on 1000 messages when you
delete 5000 files. I've resorted to just reformatting the card in the
camera instead, but it would be nice if deleting files was possible
without getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

/Anders Troberg
anders.troberg at tekis.se

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