[Digikam-users] What is the best way to merge two sets of digiKam-managed photos?

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sat Aug 8 23:09:25 BST 2009

> Then copy the images back to the desktop computer overwriting the
> original files. Even when digiKam is running, it would not notice that
> tags have changed. 

You must trigger a rescan manually.

> Also, synchronising of database with images does not
> help.

That was a misnomer

> Now, there are two alternatives:
> x delete the database on the desktop computer and let it rebuild (time
> consuming)

I wouldn't do that ;-) ...

> x search and select the migrated images and choose "read metadata from
> images" in the right pane Caption/Tags (it is hidden under "more" icon
> at the bottom).

Cleaned up for beta4, now prominently in the menu and using the exact same 
code as an initial scan.

> Rebuilding database from scratch may not be a good idea in case that
> from whatever reason you have various texts written in metadata objects,
> where digiKam assumes they have the same text (e.g. IPTC keywords,
> Dublin core Subject and xmp.digikam.keywords). I have not tested that,
> so it may or may not cause problems.
> The latter alternative did not work fully with 1.0.0-beta2, but with
> beta3 seems to be okay - I am going to use it soon on my vacation
> trip...

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