[Digikam-users] building it for non-free operating systems

Stefan Aschenbach stefan at binaervarianz.de
Tue Aug 4 20:25:16 BST 2009

Hi all and Vlado,
> By the way: I just noticed Fink already has a digiKam package - but it
> is still in unstable (source only), so you might have the same  
> problems
> you had with MacPorts.
> http://pdb.finkproject.org/pdb/package.php/digikam-mac

I took a closer look on that. Its 0.10.0-4, not 1.0.0 beta 4.
Same digits, different number.

So the last release availiable from fink still is 0.9.5-1009.
And this is even in the stable tree.



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