[Digikam-users] OT: Which card reader? (Was: Tarball Install Problem)

Jürgen Scholz juergen at kernkraft400.com
Wed Apr 1 22:02:03 CEST 2009


I'm sorry to hijack this thread, but I have to.

Ocassionally I'm using a built-in cardreader from Lenovo (ThinkCentre  
A61, AMD, Desktop) but this thing just annoys me. One has to reboot  
the machine to make it recognize any cards. So I'm looking for a card  
reader for a while ...

> usb port to get your photos... Maybe it's also faster than plug your
> camera (you can leave the card reader connected), and you problem  
> caused
> by exhausted batteries on your camera.
> Almost any card reader will work "out of th box" with your linux  
> system.
... but I did not know which one to choose. Googling did not help that  
much. Is there a list of compatible devices out there?


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