[Digikam-users] incompatible JPEG

Peter Nijs peter at familienijs.be
Mon May 26 15:40:38 BST 2008

Hi all,


digikam 0.9.3
kipi 0.1.5
kexiv2 0.1.6
exiv2 0.12.0
kdcraw 0.1.2
dcraw 8.77
png library 1.2.12

I have problems printing rotated images on a Canon Selphy ES20 photoprinter. I 
print jpeg images by copying them on a compact flashcard and putting that 
card in the printer. This works for non rotated images and images I rotated 
using de "edit" mode of digikam. But images I rotated from the main screen of 
digikam, using "picture > rotate > 90 degrees" cause problems. When I put 
such images on the card for the printer, the printer shows only a thumbnail 
with the text "incompatible JPEG". 

Thanks in advance,
Peter Nijs
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