[Digikam-users] Digikam-users Digest, Vol 36, Issue 23

Константин Маслов conma at yandex.ru
Sat May 24 20:53:41 BST 2008

elle stone wrote:
> If anyone would like sample images with different color profiles and
> gammas, I have made four jpegs (each sized at approximately 110 kb) of the
> same image, each with a different color profile - sRGB with gamma 2.2 (more
> or less, sRGB not having an exact gamma), Kodak ProPhoto with gamma 1.8,
> AdobeRGB modified to have gamma 1, and AdobeRGB modified to have gamma 3.
> All four images look identical on my system when viewed using the gimp and
> krita.  I'd be happy to email these images to anyone who would be willing
> to see if they all display the same on digikam/gimp/krita on their system. 
> If they all look the same on someone else's system, then I can start
> trouble-shooting my own system for user error.  Otherwise, I will file an
> official bug report.

Hi Elle,

If you send me the test jpegs, I'll test krita/digikam
0.9.4_beta4 on my gentoo.
I wonder why there is no answer from digikam developers? 


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