[Digikam-users] color management problem: bug? user error?

elle stone jrle1 at twcny.rr.com
Fri May 23 13:15:18 BST 2008

elle stone wrote:
> To test and confirm the problem, I created 3 versions of the same image,
> using (1)"adobe rgb" with it's usual gamma 2.2; (2)"adobe rgb" but with
> gamma set to 1 in the embedded color profile; and (3)"adobe rgb" but with
> gamma set to 3 in the embedded color profile.  I opened all three images
> in Krita, Gimp, and digikam.
> Krita and Gimp both display all three images exactly correctly . . .
> Digikam displays image 2 (embedded profile has gamma 1) as VERY dark and
> displays image 3 (embedded profile as gamma 3) as too light, exactly as
> one would expect if digikam were assuming that all three images had
> embedded color profiles with gamma set to 2.2.

If anyone would like sample images with different color profiles and gammas,
I have made four jpegs (each sized at approximately 110 kb) of the same
image, each with a different color profile - sRGB with gamma 2.2 (more or
less, sRGB not having an exact gamma), Kodak ProPhoto with gamma 1.8,
AdobeRGB modified to have gamma 1, and AdobeRGB modified to have gamma 3. 
All four images look identical on my system when viewed using the gimp and
krita.  I'd be happy to email these images to anyone who would be willing to
see if they all display the same on digikam/gimp/krita on their system.  If
they all look the same on someone else's system, then I can start
trouble-shooting my own system for user error.  Otherwise, I will file an
official bug report.


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