[Digikam-users] Searching on IPTC core properties

Philippe Arnone philippe at arnone.org
Sun May 18 19:25:31 BST 2008

Le Monday 12 May 2008 20:47:19 Marcel Wiesweg, vous avez écrit :
> Hi,
> in the past there has been demand on searching for certain metadata
> properties, mostly those in IPTC Core, but Dublin Core as well. (see below
> for a list)
> I am not familiar with the way you are using such properties, so it's
> difficult to find out what exactly we should provide.
> This means I am looking for:
> - Use Cases and Use Scenarios for working with such properties, searching
> in particular
> - Sample images, preferably two or three for each use case, with the
> affected metadata, so that I can test with real life examples. (you can
> send to my private address)

Hi Marcel ,

here is an example that show how I work. I'm not trying to say that this is 
the right way but this is mine :)

I'm not going to talk only about search, so there will probably be ideas for 
other part of digikam :). 

First of all I transfer my photos to a temporary directory. Then I use gqview 
to add some IPTC tags. I use gqview  because this viewer is fast and I wrote 
perl scripts which I can launch directly from gqview. The IPTC tags that I 
set are:
 . Source  
 . Copyright Notice  
 . City  
 . Credit
 . By-line 
 . Headline
 . Caption

I perform this outside of digikam because the photos may have been taken by my 
wife, my son or myself. My scripts have source, Copyright Notice, Credit and 
By-line preset depending on the protograph who took the photo, so I just need 
to select the protograph to set all this settings. I think it will a good 
feature to have seach kind of "photograph selection".

When this is finished, I import these photos in digikam and sets all keywords.

I never set City as keyword because it is already sets in the City IPTC tag.

When I search for photo I may use keywords (more than one, using either 'or' 
or 'and' between them), city Headline, Caption or credit (because credit, 
Copyright and source are similar in my case).
I also search photo using exif tags (Lens name, Focal lenght, Iso, Speed, 

I also plan to use scene code (news code) to describe my photos. I think this 
may be a powerful tools to categorize photos. If I understood well, scene 
code number uses a hierarchy. A lot of information can be found at 
http://www.iptc.org/NewsCodes/ For french reader, you can found some 
explanation at 
Of course, I think that digikam should include the definition of such scene 
code and permit to search based on them.

That's all for the moment

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