[Digikam-users] Renaming files

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Fri May 16 18:25:20 BST 2008

This may involve scripting outside Digikam....

I used at one time to use Digikam's renaming facility on downloading pictures.  
At some point (looking at the dates I think it was on a change of computers) 
I lost this setting, and never re-set it as date-based folders and the 
information in the main digikam window are quite enough.

I now want to export hundreds of images to CD, to be provided to the football 
team for which I am no longer going to be taking pictures, my daughter having 
reached University age and so no longer regularly playing for them.   I would 
like to have the filenames reflect the dates at least.

Batch -> Rename Images looks good, but insists on adding a sequence number: 
this might be the only practical way, and is fine for this specific purpose.  

However, I'd prefer to go back to fully date/time based file numbering (such 
as  2008-01-31-15:00:03.jpg) for all my pictures.   Is there any way of 
achieving this within Digikam?   Batch Rename doesn't seem to allow me to 
omit a sequence number!    (I guess I could try a manual rename afterwards 
outside digikam to remove all the sequence numbers, but....)

 (In the very unusual case in which I've more than one from the same second, 
I'll handle it manually). 

David Aldred

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