[Digikam-users] tags, srgb, linear gamma: display/raw conversion bugs? user errors?

elle stone jrle1 at twcny.rr.com
Fri May 16 00:38:17 BST 2008

Hi, all,

Under Digikam (0.9.4 beta4 using kde3.5.9) Settings I've chosen a camera
input profile and a workspace profile.  Digikam "Raw Images Batch Converter"
under "Batch, Batch Raw Converter" has the option of selecting "Raw
(linear)" as the "Color Space".  The resulting sample raw image comes out
untagged but clearly in srgb space, at 8 bits.  When using "Batch Convert
Images" under "Batch, Convert Images", the image is 16-bits,  but still
untagged srgb.  Is this the intended behavior?  

When opening my sample raw image using "Image, Edit", a dialog pops up,
asking me what input and workspace profile I'd like to use.  I confirm my
choices already set in "Settings, "Configure Digikam, Color Management", by
clicking "OK" and the raw image is decoded, then saved.  The resulting image
is 16-bits and properly tagged, as would seem appropriate.  

However, even when using "Images, Edit" all is not well.  I have two
workspace profiles.  One of them is normal Kodak Prophoto.  The other is
Kodak Prophoto except that the gamma is set to 1 instead of 1.8.  "Image,
Edit" and then the resulting raw conversion on my sample raw file produces
properly tagged 16-bit images regardless of whether I choose the gamma 1
Prophoto or the gamma 1.8 Prophoto.  Both images open and display properly
in other image editing programs (krita, photoshop).  However, Digikam itself
displays the image with the "gamma 1" profile as if it actually were the
"gamma 1.8" profile.  I've noticed this with other linear gamma images I've
tried to view or open with Digikam - Digikam can't properly display a gamma
1 image.  I had the same problem trying to display "wide gamut rgb" images -
if the color space is linear, the image looks very dark, even though the
same image displays perfectly in krita and photoshop.


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