[Digikam-users] 16bit editiing and auto-whitebalance

Benjamin Schindler bschindler at student.ethz.ch
Mon May 12 01:33:17 BST 2008

Hi Elle

elle stone wrote:
> Benjamin Schindler wrote:
>> The thing is... I don't know in advance which picture I'm going to
>> manipulate. This means that I'll shoot everything in raw which makes
>> processing every picture using dcraw extremely time-consuming. 
>> To me, it seems this first step is kinda hard to do nicely on linux atm. I
>> wasn't able to get ViewNX/CaptureNX to work in wine, 
>> So this is kinda bad atm
> Quoted from: 
> http://www.nabble.com/16bit-editiing-and-auto-whitebalance-tp16701397p17143601.html
> Hi, Benjamin,
> I have a few suggestions regarding previewing images before selecting the
> "good ones" - I'm a Canon user, so some suggestions might not be applicable
> to you.
> 1. My Canon 400d offers the option of shooting each picture both in raw and
> as a low, medium, or high quality jpeg.  Does the Nikon have a similar
> option?  
The D60 only has Raw + jpeg Basic. basic might be okay, but then again - 
if I could use i.e. the viewnx extractor, there would be no need for it. 
I don't like doing the jpeg+raw thing, because it eats a lot of space on 
the flash card which is especially a problem when on vaction
> 2. Also, my canon raw files all contain a very low res jpeg embedded in the
> file.  I use dcraw to extract the jpeg.  The command is: 
> /usr/local/dcraw/dcraw -e /media/process/ingest/*.CR2
I know I can use the preview. The Preview of the nikon isn't all that 
bad actually. It is a full 10mp file (on bare resolution, not on 
quality) so it's actually quite usable.
But you know - I'm a prefectionist.. I'm seeking the optimum :)
> That is, I have dcraw installed locally, so the first part of the command is
> the path to the local installation executable "/usr/local/dcraw/dcraw" then
> the option "-e" for "extract" and then the path to where the raw images are
> stored "/media/process/ingest/", then the files themselves, "*.CR2" or
> ".NEF" in your case (this command is case-sensitive).  These embedded jpegs
> are very low res, but look exactly like the default secret sauce end product
> and are perfect for quick review as they load MUCH faster than a raw file. 
> Do the *.nef files have an embedded jpeg?
> 3.  Xnview is a great little image viewer, available both in a linux and
> windows version.  Apparently the windows version under wine works better
> than the linux version (I use xnview under wine).  Xnview can show you the
> embedded jpeg as a thumbnail, and then show you a larger version.  Xnview's
> renditions are very good.  I just checked and Xnview says it reads *.nef
> files.
> 4. If you have a windows CD you can install windows in a VirtualBox - W2K
> actually runs much better for me in a VirtualBox under linux than it ever
> did on "bare metal".  But this is a stop-gap measure, of course, I'm slowly
> weaning myself away from windows altogether.
That's what I'm planning on doing. If Windows installation just wouldn't 
bring down vmware... :(

Thanks again!

> Elle

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