[Digikam-users] Out of curiosity: digiKam is a very fast viewer for RAWs. How?

Andreas Borutta borumat at gmx.de
Sun May 11 19:26:12 BST 2008

Marcel Wiesweg schrieb:

>> Out of curiosity and because I couldn't find infos in the handbook
>> about that feature:
>> How did you realized such a fast viewing for such big files?
>> Just the concept, technical details are not important.
> Short answer: Don't load the big file, load the small file.


Thanks for the answer. I did not know already that small files are
embedded in RAWs.

My first thought was, you are using a RAM caching:
Starting to render around 5 pictures before and after the one which
has the focus. 
When a users scrolls to the next or previous picture, that type of
caching ensures, that a user gets the picture very fast.


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