[Digikam-users] How does one use digikam source for casual testing?

Paul Waldo paul at waldoware.com
Fri May 9 16:09:41 BST 2008

That is indeed the solution I am adopting. I think that's the safest way for an old paranoiac to sleep at night. I have copied a subset of my photos to the new digikam user and compiled from source. Now my originals can't be touched by that wild and impetuous digikam tester :-) 
I even have the ability to regression test by comparing the copied files to the originals! 

Thanks to all for the input! 


----- "Lawrence Plug" wrote: 
I'm suggesting that the svn digikam be run as a different user, 
which would allow for a different digikam root (pointing to the 
copy, so the OPs original remain 'safe'). 

I don't think its possible to have two instances on the same user 
session. The KDE4 digikam is said to be more flexible in roots 
(my understanding) but I don't know if it will address 
'multiple-instance' issue. I haven't compiled it yet. 


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