[Digikam-users] How does one use digikam source for casual testing?

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Thu May 8 17:48:22 BST 2008

Paul Waldo wrote:

  My backups only live for
> six months, so I'm out of luck.

bad backups.

I hold three live copies of my images:

* raw ones. (not raw files, I use only jpeg, but unmodified ones, from 
the camera)
* edited ones (mostly with digikam)

*published ones (on web sites). In fact I have two copies of these, 
one locally, one on the website

time to time I write a dvd. say any time I do a big shot. the two kind 
of images (edited and unedited) I keep these dvd ad vitam eternam (not 
very large). I always make full dvd, so I have on any new dvd the new 
shots + all the old ones fitting the dvd.

right now (in fact two weeks ago), I copied my photo collection to a 
USB Hard drive (backed by an other usb hard drive, with all my other 

given I also send dvd's to the family, and my web hosting is a hosted 
computer, I hope not to lose too many photos.

... also, I only remove the images from the flash card when the card 
is full, an other copie, then

and with all this I still happen to lose some photos: for exemple, 
once, after a backup on disk, I ended with two sets of... zero length 
files. Never understood why the original was also zero, suspect some 
sort of loop, writing the files on themselves.

but it's very unfrequent.

and don't forget: as soon as a new medium come, copy on it (for me 
dvd-> USB drive, and when bluray begin to be cheap dvd->bluray)



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