[Digikam-users] colour issues with digikam / showfoto

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 14:27:42 BST 2008


1- which digiKam version you use ?
2- which file format you use ?
3- can you send me a sample picture in private ?


Gilles Caulier

2008/6/20 Matthew Melvin <matthewmelvin at gmail.com>:
> I'm using digikam to take pictures from my camera (a pentex k100d, I
> don't know if that makes a difference) and edit them before up loading
> them to facebook.  Mostly just happy snaps for the family to see so
> nothing sophisticated.   But, after I've uploaded them to facebook, the
> pictures that have been modified by showfoto appear much bluer than they
> do on my machine.  If upload them unedited, or edited with something
> other than showfoto like gthumb or the gimp, then they appear as
> expected.  But with digikam even if I just do a 'save as' of the picture
> without changing anything I have the same issue.
> My only clue so far is that it must be something to do with ICC colour
> spaces (although I don't have colour management enabled in my config).
> If I open my edited image in gimp, as it loads the image it says
> something about 'converting from sRGB to sRGB built-in' and the loaded
> shows the same (or at least, very similar) blue tint I see in my
> uploaded images.
> I'm sure this is something obvious so I apologise if this is a FAQ but
> I'm not sure I understand my problem well enough to research it
> properly. :) So far all of I've got my googling is the realisation that
> there's way more to digital photos/colours than I imagined.
> Any guidance would be much appreciated.
> M.
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