[Digikam-users] sharing albums among local users

Иван Чернявский camposer at yandex.ru
Thu Jun 12 13:47:35 BST 2008

Dear Digikam users list,

could you please help me in making my albums managed by digiKam fully accessible by several local users?

Before using digiKam, just having myself and my wife both in 'content' group and set-gid'ing any movies/photos (aka content) directories did the trick: any newly created directories and files were easily accessed by both of us.

However, when I installed digiKam and started organizing photos, several problems arised:

1. When starting digikam from KDE menu, it seems to ignore our umask settings (0007), and so new albums created have access rights like this one ('camposer' is myself):

drwxr-sr-x 2 camposer content   4096 Июн 12 16:34 test1

instead of

drwxrws--- 2 camposer content   4096 Июн 12 16:35 test2

This is incorrect, because firstly my wife will be unable to add new photos to that album (no write permission for group) and secondly people not in group 'content' (like my students who may rarely have remote access to my system) will be able to see that album (because others _have_ read permission).

When starting digiKam from the command line, umask settings are in place and new albums have correct access rights.

2. When moving photos from one album to another, when there are already photos with the same name, we encounter "can't change permissions" error when old and new file are owned by different users, like in that example: 

-rw-rw---- 1 camposer content 1286721 Июн 12 16:40 IMG_0002.JPG

and my wife replaces that image with enhanced version.

This is perfectly correct from Unix file permissions point of view, but I can't understand why digiKam is trying to change permissions anyway: they are already correct, namely, rw-rw----.

Am I missing some easier way in doing that, without using set-gid'ed directories? Thanks in advance,


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